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Two great internet radio stations

I’ve found two great internet radio stations recently, thanks to pointers from two different blogs.

First up is Egg Radio, which is “Streaming Alternative Classic Modern Rock on the Internet 24 hours a day.” And they’re doing a damned good job of it. I listened for a couple of hours the first night I found the link (via Wil Wheaton dot Net), and did not hear one song I didn’t like. Ditto on the times I’ve returned since.

I found the second tonight via Metafilter: Radio DavidByrne. This is a very eclectic mix of music – about what one would expect from Byrne. It’s also a lot like a mix that I would build myself. The last three tracks were from Outkast, Paul Simon and Pietra Montecorvino. And it worked. very well.

Best teeny-tiny crontab tip EVER

This seeming innocuous article on wait and sleep contains the best crontab hint I’ve ever seen. It’s tiny, just a small portion of the article, but it’s amazing. You’ll have to scroll down on the page to find it; look for the big yellow box.

This might also be one of the coolest use of comments I’ve seen, too. writes up my desktop manager: Xfce published a great review of Xfce in February. I’m just posting the article now for two reasons: this blog didn’t exist when the article was published, and I wasn’t using Xfce then.

I actually just switched over this weekend. (One has a surprising amount of free time when one has a combination of flu and sinus infection.) After doing a

apt-get install xfce4 xfce4-goodies xfce4-utils

I fired up an Xfce session and started playing around with the interface. I was impressed with the speed right off the bat. My Debian system isn’t exactly a speed demon (Athlon 700MHz with 512mb ram), but it sure felt like it under Xfce. Xfce runs faster than anything I’ve tried – with the notable exception of fluxbox. I was also impressed with the aesthetics. The default Xfce desktop is very pleasant to look at.

And then I started tinkering under the covers. Xfce is nicely configurable. I was able to tweak the panel, add a bunch of panel applets, set up new color, icon and widget themes, and set a pleasing default font. Oh, and set Konqueror to be my default browser, of course. All in all, I am pleasantly surprised. I think I’ll be sticking with Xfce, for at least a little while.

Oh, here’s what PCWorld had to say: “Xfce. This interface has been in active development for many years; it’s now up to version 4.2; and it’s both attractive and lightweight, making it ideal for older machines. It also sports some extremely geeky features that power users will definitely enjoy.”

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