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iPod shuffle Tips and Tricks

In case you haven’t yet noticed, I quite adore my iPod Shuffle. Now that I’ve gotten used to owning one, I am trying to find new ways to use it. I found a great page of iPod shuffle tips and tricks at After reading through the page, I realized why Apple includes the wallet-sized quick reference card for the Shuffle: this little thing can do a lot!

My favorite tip from the article: “The iPod shuffle includes a handy shortcut for going back to the beginning of its playlist: just press Play/Pause three times and the shuffle will start playing at the beginning of the first song. (You don’t even have to say, ‘There’s no place like home.’) If the iPod is in shuffle mode, it will reorder the playlist before starting over.”

Nero finally comes to Linux!

I am a huge fan of Nero Burning ROM. I’ve used it in Windows for quite a while now, and am starting to forget how I ever burned a CD without it. I almost never burn a CD in Linux, simply because it’s much easier to use Nero to do it on the Windows machine.

Well, I no longer have to do that anymore. Nero has released NeroLINUX, a Linux version of their wonderful software. It supports kernels 2.4 and 2.6 (2.6 IDE driver, say goodbye to ide-scsi!), and comes in either .rpm or .deb. WOOHOO!

Star Wars Episode III Trailer

Just in case you are living in a cave – or somewhere else without a decent ‘net connection, you can find the Star Wars Episode III Trailer right here.

I’m trying not to get my hopes up. This trailer rocks, but that is not necessarily an indicator that the movie will rock, too. For the past two movies:

Movie Trailer Result
The Phantom Menace (Episode I) Looked pretty cool, especially since it was the first glimpse at new Star Wars stuff in decades The movie was a boring special-effects laden waste of two hours.
Attack of the Clones (Episode II) Rocked hard. The action looked amazing, and the crap was barely glimpsed This one was harder to swallow. The good parts were very good. Obi-Wan was an absolute bad-ass. His battle against Jango Fett was amazing. Unfortunately, the love story between Amidala and Anakin sucked rocks. Every scene felt like an eternity. Plus, Yoda’s fight was silly. Episode II was a step up from Ep I, but still was not very good.

Definitely watch this trailer, though. It may end up being the best part of Episode III!

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