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Weird-ass Zelda music video

This is one of the most bizarre things I’ve seen in a while: a Legend of Zelda music video. It’s obviously sponsored by Nintendo, and probably came out a decade ago (I wasn’t watching closely for a copyright notice). Link looks like a woman. The monsters are played by dancers in costumes. It’s all so… so…

Well, just watch it for yourself.

Top 15 Firefox Extensions

Interesting article in PC Mag, of all places. A review of the Top 15 Firefox Extensions. I agree with a handful of the choices that they made. Amongst my favorite extensions are ForecastFox, FoxyTunes and GoogleBar. The other 12 extensions they have listed are not my bag. And they don’t lift some of my other favorites, including Deepest Sender, BlogThis and Image Zoom. Still, any press about Firefox Extensions is a good thing!

AmaroK – integrated music library/player for KDE

The Linux blogging community has been set on fire over the past week concerning AmaroK, an integrated music library/player for KDE. After seeing AmaroK mentioned for the 13th time (everyone is linking to this review), I decided to give it a try. So I did a quick

apt-get install amarok

then fired it up to see what happened. The first-time wizard is a nice touch. It allowed me to specify the folders to add to my collection. I have over 11,500 tracks, so I knew the initial collection build was going to take a while. And boy, did it! But once the collection build was finished, I had easy access to my music collection.

I’m a long-time user of Prokyon3 for my music library. And I wasn’t really looking for a replacement. I like the way that Prokyon 3 handles playlist creation. And I like being able to hack into the MySQL database that Prokyon 3 uses. I have a bunch of nifty little scripts that I use frequently to get information from this database.

However, amaroK provides most of these same functions. It can even be configured to use a MySQL database! And amaroK has so many more features. My favorite: audioscrobbler integration! (My audioscrobbler page.) Another cool feature is the ability to download and import album covers directly from Amazon. That is an awesomely cool tool.

Now I just need to see if I can get AmaroK to work with my iPod Shuffle…

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