AmaroK – integrated music library/player for KDE

The Linux blogging community has been set on fire over the past week concerning AmaroK, an integrated music library/player for KDE. After seeing AmaroK mentioned for the 13th time (everyone is linking to this review), I decided to give it a try. So I did a quick

apt-get install amarok

then fired it up to see what happened. The first-time wizard is a nice touch. It allowed me to specify the folders to add to my collection. I have over 11,500 tracks, so I knew the initial collection build was going to take a while. And boy, did it! But once the collection build was finished, I had easy access to my music collection.

I’m a long-time user of Prokyon3 for my music library. And I wasn’t really looking for a replacement. I like the way that Prokyon 3 handles playlist creation. And I like being able to hack into the MySQL database that Prokyon 3 uses. I have a bunch of nifty little scripts that I use frequently to get information from this database.

However, amaroK provides most of these same functions. It can even be configured to use a MySQL database! And amaroK has so many more features. My favorite: audioscrobbler integration! (My audioscrobbler page.) Another cool feature is the ability to download and import album covers directly from Amazon. That is an awesomely cool tool.

Now I just need to see if I can get AmaroK to work with my iPod Shuffle…

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