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In case you haven’t heard, the first episode of the new Doctor Who is available online via a bittorrent torrent. I nabbed the 340mb AVI file and watched it this morning. And I was very impressed. After all the talk about the changes that would be made to the show had me very worried that what we ended up with would be something else. But this episode, at least, was classic Doctor Who.

Christopher Eccleston is very good as the Doctor. Eccleston is charming and funny – reminiscent, in a way, of Sylvester McCoy. He plays the Doctor as self-deprecatingly arrogant. Aside from the fact that his wardrobe is too human (do we need more heroes in black leather jackets?), everything was good.

And the TARDIS! The new TARDIS interior is amazing. It’s a blend of the circular-design of the last few Doctors and the sprawling elegance of the TARDIS in the TV movie, along with a little H. R. Giger thrown in. This TARDIS definitely has an alien feel to it that most previous TARDIS interiors did not have.

Billie Piper plays the Doctor’s new companion, Rose (hence the name of the episode). She seems decent enough, but doesn’t really have much to do. This is normal, though: most new companions require a good half-dozen or so episodes to really click. Piper does look extraordinarly like Scarlet Johansson in Lost In Translation in some scenes.

I was heartened to see that the show gave several nods to the original series. The most obvious is, of course, the TARDIS. But the Doctor also carries his sonic screwdriver. He takes the time to comment on his current body (though this is not a regeneration episode). The Autons appear in this episode – a flashback to the wonderful Pertwee-era story, “Spearhead From Space” (which, it must be noted, was Pertwee’s first story as the Doctor).

I am looking forward to nabbing each episode off of bittorrent so I can keep up with this. I have renewed optimism for the rebirth of Doctor Who!

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