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TV Cream’s Top 100 Toys

Talk about a blast from the past! TV Cream is running an article listing the Top 100 Toys from the ’70s and ’80s. Looking through the list has been a blast. I didn’t have a lot of the toys growing up, but it’s been quite fun seeing the ones that I did have. My favorite of the bunch, Mouse Trap, is ranked criminally low at #54:

The inspiration for the device came – we’re pretty sure – from the old Chuck Jones Warner Brothers cartoons, in particular a recurring motif where a character (usually Sylvester) rigs up a ridiculously complicated mousetrap consisting of ropes, pulleys, safes, fridges, irons, electric fans blowing model boats, roller skates with pool cues tied to them, upended tubs of water, etc. etc. all setting one another off in a long line. Which made great viewing, but Jones and co. were always careful to leave out the doubtless long, tedious hours spent hammering, sawing and constructing the trap in the first place. MB attempted, bravely, to incorporate this into the game itself, with pieces (the diver, the barrel, the drawbridge, the boot, the marble, et al) going up one by one as mousey counters moved round the board.

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Mess with Outlook user’s minds!

This looks like a fun activity: hack email headers to mess with Outlook user’s heads!

Microsoft Outlook uses a rectangular bar above the message header to display information and warnings about the message you’re reading. It may report that you replied on such a date, that an attachment was suppressed, or that line breaks have been removed. Sometimes, though, you might see a very different message—perhaps something like “This message violates the USA PATRIOT Act” or “ERROR: Microsoft Outlook detected. Get a REAL email client!” As it turns out, anybody who can control the custom headers for outgoing e-mail messages can cause such a warning to appear. E-mail server administrators have this level of control, as do spammers, hackers…and you! Here’s how.

I’m not an Outlook fan, and I strongly recommend that other’s use a less-dangerous email client. But this sounds like a lot of fun! :)

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