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apt-get dist-upgrade – 11/2/2005

Wow… every now and then doing a dist-upgrade can produce very unexpected results. I am using testing (Etch), and am used to strange things happening every now and then. But I’m not used to so many drastic changes at the same time.

First up: KDE 3.4! Amusingly enough, I didn’t realize exactly what happened. I noticed that KDE’s loading screen had changed, but didn’t think much of it. I didn’t fully realize that KDE had been upgraded ’til I moved my mouse over an icon in Kicker, and a cool little preview window popped up. So then I had to go looking through all of the cool new stuff in KDE 3.4. All in all, I am quite pleased with the upgrade.

On the downside, both amaroK and digiKam were nuked in the dist-upgrade. WTF??? I’m assuming that the versions in testing were dependent on an older KDE library, and that they’ll be available very soon. But in the mean time, I am lost without my favorite music and photo library software! I know I wasn’t big on amaroK when it first launched, but I am now a devoted fan. And I have not found a digital photo album package that can touch digiKam. I want these back ASAP!

But my other main crucial apps &emdash; Firefox, Liferea (RSS feed reader), Kontact (which received a nice upgrade itself) and gtkpod &emdash; were upgraded without incident.

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