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iPod Shuffle stuff

Two tidbits regarding the iPod Shuffle. First off, one of the main complaints that I read about the Shuffle was the possibility of losing the cap that covers the USB connector. Well, it took me almost a year, but I did just that. I have no idea where that silly cap went to! But it’s gone. Gone, gone, gone. But fortunately it’s easy to buy replacement caps nowadays.

Also, I thought I had found a problem with the Shuffle and low-bit-rate MP3s created from ReplayRadio. Intermittently during playback, the sound would suddenly distort, becoming completely unintelligible. I had noticed that XMMS would sometimes lock up trying to play MP3s created by ReplayRadio, so I thought that the Shuffle was doing basically the same thing.

Turns out the problem was just a bad connector on my earbuds. Give the connector a little twist and the sound went back to normal. What was happening is that the left channel would stop playing. The left channel contains 90% of the audio information for these files. I replaced the earbuds and everything is working as expected.

Though I have no idea why XMMS locks up on these MP3s, now that I think about it…

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