Tagging music via Wired

Wired is running a great article on the basics of tagging digital music files:

Tagging song files makes it easier to manage a library. Want to see every song that was released in 1986? No problem. Want to sort your collection by song genre? That’s easy, too. Tags also make it possible to manage how music files are named on a PC, and where on the hard drive they will be stored. It’s simpler to store the 11 files that make up The Replacements’ Let it Be in a folder bearing that album’s title, rather than storing all 30,000 tracks in a single folder. I also prefer verbose file names that show a lot of information about the track (The Replacements—Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash—10—Johnny’s Gonna Die.mp3 is a lot more descriptive than Johnny’s Gonna Die.mp3). The renaming features in both programs are essential.

I second the suggestion for Tag&Rename for Windows users. For Linux, I recommend Easytag. Either way, tagging programs are absolutely necessary for anything but the smallest digital music collections.

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