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10 free/opensource Linux games

Aigarius Blog has a list of 10 free/open source games for Linux, which are also packaged for Debian. All 10 of the games are easily installed using apt/aptitude/synaptic/etc. I’ve tried a few, know a few, and am having a blast playing the others. I don’t know that I’d list these as the best available, but they will definitely help you kill a few minutes here and there. :)

It came to me to make my own top 10 of free Linux time wasting games that are packaged for Debian. Here we have the list for future reference:

Honorable mention – Battle for Wesnoth: a turn based strategy game with a lot of scenarios for single player and also with multiplayer support.

The Simpsons come to life

This is friggin’ awesome: The Simpsons come to life! According to The Sun, “Makers of the hit cartoon The Simpsons have a filmed the show’s opening titles using real actors. In the hit viral going around the world we get to see what Bart, Homer, Marg, Lisa and Maggie would look like if they were humans.”

If you are a Simpsons fan, you must watch this video! Every scene from the long version of the opening titles is recreated in real-life, including Homer working with the radioactive rods and Maggie getting scanned at the grocery store. It’s brilliant!

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