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Install SharpMusique!

SharpMusique has been around for a while, but I just got around to posting about it. It’s a very light-weight, cross-platform alternate front-end to the iTunes Music Store! It’s surprisingly full-featured:


  • Preview songs
  • Signup for an account
  • Buy songs and albums
  • Redownload songs that you bought with SharpMusique
  • Redeem Pepsi caps
  • Redeem gift certificates

Of course, this is more useful under Windows, where one could actually llisten to the music that you purchased. But this does make it easy for Linux users to search the iTMS and buy the music they want. Then it’s just a matter of firing up iTunes under either WINE or vmplayer to listen to the music, burn it to CD, and then rip it to a more-friendly format.

Yahoo! Mail beta

ScreenshotGet in on the Yahoo! Mail Beta right now! Download Squad has step-by-step directions for forcing your way into the Yahoo! Mail beta:

Been dying to try the new AJAXed-out Yahoo! Mail Beta? Well it turns out it only takes a few simple steps to switch your Yahoo! Mail account over to the new hotness.

It actually is just as easy as the article makes it sound. In less than five minutes, I was in on the beta, as you can see from the screenshot above. I’ve just spent a few minutes testing out the new Yahoo! Mail, and I am quite impressed. One note: If you use Linux, you’ll get a warning that Yahoo! hasn’t tested Mail Beta in Linux yet, and can’t guarantee that it’ll work. But it’s working flawlessly for me in Ubuntu (Breezy) using Firefox


While Spaceballs was not a great movie, it had some amusing parts. One of those involved Perri-Air, premium canned air. As is often the case, life imitates art!

A new group of manufacturers are marketing canned oxygen as a luxury pick-me-up, for when regular air won’t do. It comes in flavors, and has been likened to bottled water: a thing you can get for free that you might pay money for anyway.

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