apt-get install amarok (1.4 for Ubuntu Breezy)

Those of us who love amaroK but use Ubuntu Breezy were left out of this month’s release of amaroK Fast Forward. Due to irreconcilable conflicts, amarok 1.4 is not in the official Ubuntu repositories. However, if you are willing to take chances on an unofficial repository, the amaroK Wiki has step-by-step instructions to install amaroK 1.4. I was nervous about breaking things, but everything seemed to survive. amaroK had to re-build the collection, but once that was done, it’s been working flawlessly.

And the new features are well worth the risk! The major new features in 1.4 are:

  • Tagging support for all major audio formats (OGG, MP3, MP4, FLAC and RM)
  • Enhanced media device support (iPodŽ IFP/IRiverŽ, generic devices)
  • Reworked tagging dialog for better management of the collection
  • Non-KDE users are now able to set their default browser without installing KDEBase
  • Consistent and independent icon set
  • Option to view wikipedia articles in another language by default
  • Gapless playback for the xine engine
  • User-based rating system
  • More options to configure the sidebar

amaroK was already good stuff. But the new update makes amaroK one of the best music library applications available for any platform.

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