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apt-get install feh

I loves me the graphics viewers. I dunno why, but I always have to give a new graphics viewer a spin, just to see if it works or not. Maybe it was all those years running DOS and AmigaOS with a 1200bps modem connection to a local BBS, trying to find a good, free photo viewer. But I digress. whet my appetite for a new image viewer with their review of Feh:

Too many Linux image viewers are tinged with little annoyances — they take too long to load, are slow to redraw the display, have limited format support, sport inconvenient controls — so when you want to settle on one, inevitably there’s something to make you utter feh! in general discontent. Good call — feh is the name of a speedy little viewer that packs in a surprising number of features for its size.

Of course I had to try this out! I figured at the very least I could get a chuckle or two out of feh’s name. But lo and behold, I was impressed. feh is a particularly wonderful and useful little image viewer. It works well when viewing a single image, but really shines when you have a directory of images you want to view. type:

feh ~/images/*.jpgand feh opens up to the first image in that directory. It is then a breeze to quickly scan through the other pics in the folder. feh has many other features, but that one alone was enough to win me over.

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