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PDF to pdb conversion

I know that I don’t write about it anywhere near as often as I should, but I am a huge fan of Palm’s PDAs. Specificaly, my wonderful Palm T|X which I purchased earlier this year. The T|X is an amazing piece of technology, one that I am still finding cool new things to use it for.

Though recently, it’s become mainly an eBook reader for me. I blame the folks over that the Plucker project, who created a wonderful little document format and reader for Palm devices. Plucker is an amazingly useful app; I don’t know how I managed to get by for so long without the Plucker reader on my Palm T|X, and the Plucker distiller on my Ubuntu machine.

This does, of course, lead me to a file format problem. I have a bunch of ebooks as PDF files. And Plucker Reader only does Plucker-formatted documents. I realized tonight, “You know, I bet someone has written a tool to convert PDFs to Plucker DOCs. I searched, and found out that I was exactly right: Dan has created a PDF to pdb conversion script for *NIX platforms which runs well in Ubuntu. You have to have the core utils already installed, of course, including pdftohtml and plucker-build. So one could do this without Dan’s script, if one were a masochist.

I prefer to save my time for other endeavors. :)

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