Flash Player 9.0 for Linux getting closer

…or at least Penguin.SWF, Adobe’s official blog for the Linux Flash player would have us believe so:

That I’m saying here is that we are having a lot of success at the high level– general functionality with major, popular, Flash-based sites. What we are turning our attention to now is to make sure all of the fine details and specific features are 100% correct. We have a gargantuan number of internal tests to validate that every little part of the Flash Player works correctly.

All I can say is: it’s about friggin’ time! I mean, it was awesome of Macromedia to release Flash Player 7.0 and earlier version for Linux. But since then, there’s been nothing. And we are noticing it big time, first in YouTube videos that continually get audio and video out-of-sync, then in not being able to view Flash content designed for Flash 9. Our patience grows thin, Adobe. It’s time for you to throw us Linux users some type of bone, even if it is just a beta version of Flash Player 9.0.

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