AmigaOS is never gonna launch…

After years an years of hoping against all home, I’ve finally come to the realization that the new version of AmigaOS is never going to launch. Interestingly enough, I came to this realization reading an
interview with Bill McEwen – Amiga Inc’s CEO – on Temple Of Technology.
The bit that convinced me is the following:

2.) In your 25 questions at Amiga.Org you mentioned that
Amiga has been working on OS5 for almost 2 years. What is the planned release date for OS5?BM>> We have a schedule, but at this time we are not going to put that information out there. I should also state that the name OS 5 is going to change. The product that we are going to ship is going to be much better than OSX from Apple, so OS 5 is not an accurate name or description of the product offering.

Well, actually, most of the interview went towards convincing me to forget about anything good coming out with the Amiga name. McEwen’s tone in the interview is far too… dunno even how to put … It reminds me of a carnival huckster trying to distract a mark from noticing that the game they are about to play is rigged, and the prizes are crappy even if the mark does win.

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