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Futurama return date

Futurama promo picAccording to TV Squad, the official return date for Futurama was revealed at Comic-Con:

Futurama is back, and now we know in what form. The show will return on November 27th as a full-length high-def film sold on DVD. It will be followed by three additional films, and each film will be divided into four episodes each to be aired on Comedy Central. So, that’s 4 DVD movies or 16 new episodes depending on how you look at it.

I am so there! I’ll buy “Bender Gets Made” on November 27th, and then play the hell out of it. And do my little happy dance. I cannot express how bummed I was after watching “The Devil’s Hands Are Idle Playthings,” realizing that there would never be another Futurama. Now that Futurama has a new lease on life, I intend to make the most out of it.

I realize that Futurama is still going to end. I wouldn’t be surprised if these four DVD movies signify the end, and that the last DVD movie is the end of Futurama forever. I’ll still appreciate the chance to re-visit the 30th century, and to spend just a little more time with these characters.

And Fry and Leela had better get together by the end of the last movie!

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Google Desktop for Linux? Ummm… no thanks.

Well, it took a while, but Google has finally released their desktop search program Google Desktop for Linux. While this sounds like great news, I get the feeling that Google might be in the wrong market with this product. Don’t get me wrong: I love that Google is no longer ignoring Linux. I love that they have native versions of Google Earth and Google Desktop. But I just don’t think that Google Desktop fits in well with the Linux crowd.

I see at least a few problems with Google Desktop for Linux:

  1. It’s not open source. Everything doesn’t need to be, of course. But there are enough good open-source alternatives (metatracker, recoll, even that piece of crap beagle) that do the same thing at least as effectively.
  2. Google has an image problem that isn’t getting any better. The former “do-no-evil” folks are doing a lot of things that seem evil lately, including taking pictures of people on the street for Street View and trying to snatch up Doubleclick. I wrote a lot about this in a recent entry on my blog (
  3. The installation and interface are tied to having an active ‘net connection. Will this run when a user is offline? And what kind of data is being transferred back to Google?

There are a couple of positives, though:

  1. Google Desktop is a relatively tight piece of code. It’s memory footprint is about 75% smaller than beagle’s bloat, for example. And even though the initial indexing takes forever, it doesn’t impact system performance (as opposed to beagle, which brings system performance to a crawl).
  2. Google Desktop integrates with Google’s web search and GMail. For those who keep their email on Gmail, this can be a lifesaver. And it does save a step for those who realize, “hey, I should search for this on the web, too!”

As for me, I’m sticking with recoll. All of my email is stored (and backed up) on my computers. ALT+TAB over to Firefox is no skin off my nose. And I don’t know that I trust Google anymore. So I’m staying away.

I think that a lot of people will, too. Maybe Google is looking to corner the market on Windows users switching to Linux because of Vista/Dell’s new Ubuntu machines?

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