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Become A Master Twitter With Twhirl

This is a good intermediate video for anyone who has installed twhirl and wants to get more out of it. Some of the information seems dated, and other bits are just plain wrong (everyone can see replies using @username). But for the most part, this has some excellent info.

Oh, one other thing I disagree with: reducing the number of people one follows. There are a lot of people that I follow that post about a variety of topics, nothing that I could create a search on. So I follow them.

I am loving the static Search columns on Twhirl, btw. I have a few search tabs always open (#bsg, #highlandsranch, #xfce). This is amazingly useful, and I completely agree with eddale about how much more powerful twhirl makes Twitter.

Twhirl won’t save settings on Linux

I was quite happy using the Adobe AIR app twhirl for all of my twitter needs. Almost everything worked, and worked well. I am very impressed at how good a job Adobe has done with AIR, making sure that AIR can run all apps on any supported underlying OS. I fully expect to be using more and more AIR apps as time goes on.

Back to twhirl: everything was working fine except for one very nagging issue: it wouldn’t save my preferences.  (This was tested on Ubuntu 8.10) It wouldn’t save accounts, passwords nor application preferences. This was annoying, but not a show-stopper. I tried what I could think of to resolve the issue, but couldn’t figure it out. I was glad (as I always am when faced with a problem I can’t solve) to find out that this isn’t exactly an easy issue to resolve.

Fortunately, Amy on GetSatisfaction came up with a Linux-specific resolution for this issue. This has definitely resolved the issues saving accounts and preferences. I haven’t tried the password saving, but I get the feeling it isn’t going to work. But I can live with that. I don’t mind having to enter my password, as long as all of my prefs are remembered.

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New theme for apt-get

In case you haven’t noticed,  I revamped the look of this blog. I decided to go with the Mysterio theme, which looks pretty darned good for a tech blog.

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