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New theme for apt-get

In case you haven’t noticed,  I revamped the look of this blog. I decided to go with the Mysterio theme, which looks pretty darned good for a tech blog.

Sync iPod and dynamic playlists in Amarok 1.4

Well, I’ll be damned, I never realized that Amarok 1.4 has this ability. One can sync a dynamic playlist in Amarok with an iPod (or other media device, I assume). When you first sync the dynamic playlist, it creates a playlist on the iPod and transfers all of the tracks it can onto the iPod. That part is expected, and it’s the way that Amarok sync static playlists.

The cool part is with dynamic playlists. So, for example, I have a 2gb iPod Nano (first gen). Since it can only hold a couple hundred songs, I have a Smart Playlist which randomly pulls 250 songs that I’ve rated as 3.5 stars or higher. When I sync this with my iPod, Amarok first deletes all of the tracks in that playlist on the iPod, then re-runs the query for the Smart Playlist and finally copies the new 250 tracks onto the iPod.

So in other words, you can get a whole batch of new songs simply by syncing a Smart Playlist. Now that is friggin’ AWESOME!

IMHO, of course.

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