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Twhirl won’t save settings on Linux

I was quite happy using the Adobe AIR app twhirl for all of my twitter needs. Almost everything worked, and worked well. I am very impressed at how good a job Adobe has done with AIR, making sure that AIR can run all apps on any supported underlying OS. I fully expect to be using more and more AIR apps as time goes on.

Back to twhirl: everything was working fine except for one very nagging issue: it wouldn’t save my preferences.  (This was tested on Ubuntu 8.10) It wouldn’t save accounts, passwords nor application preferences. This was annoying, but not a show-stopper. I tried what I could think of to resolve the issue, but couldn’t figure it out. I was glad (as I always am when faced with a problem I can’t solve) to find out that this isn’t exactly an easy issue to resolve.

Fortunately, Amy on GetSatisfaction came up with a Linux-specific resolution for this issue. This has definitely resolved the issues saving accounts and preferences. I haven’t tried the password saving, but I get the feeling it isn’t going to work. But I can live with that. I don’t mind having to enter my password, as long as all of my prefs are remembered.

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