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Getting Things Done (GTD) via Remember the Milk (RtM)

Remember The Milk has all the features required to be a great web-based task manager for Getting Things Done (GTD) but its sheer flexibility means it can be daunting to build a well-oiled GTD machine. In this post Iíll show you how to use RTM Lists, Tags, Smart Lists, and Locations to create a full-blown project and task management system based on David Allenís Getting Things Done.

I have been trying to follow the Getting Things Done method. I read through the book, and found it to be a brilliant system, one that I can follow and will make me much more productive in all facets of my life. I was searching for tools that could allow me to take advantage of the GTD system, but would also be accessible from wherever I might be. Which meant that it had to be online.

I have also been toying with Remember the Milk, the most excellent online ToDo/Task tool. The linked article, written by Doug Ireton, is an in-depth tutorial with step-by-step instructions for setting up RtM for GTD.

via Remember The Milk – Blog.

Fixing Intrepid sound issues: replace PulseAudio with ALSA

After I upgraded to Intrepid, I was very annoyed to find that sound no longer worked on my system. Turned out that PulseAudio (which I once was a fan of) was the culprit. PulseAudio was taking exclusive control of the sound device, effectively not allowing anything else to play sound. Which was bad in many ways, including me not being able to watch The Daily Show and the Rachel Maddow Show.

Follow the steps in the link below to get sound back in Intrepid:

After upgraded to Intrepid RC, I once again fiddled with Ubuntu sound system to use ALSA instead of Pulseaudio in a non-destructive way (a.k.a no removable of Pulseaudio packages and configuration which in turn not remove ubuntu-desktop package which is needed for future distribution upgrade).

via ALSA instead of Pulseaudio for Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid – a Non-Destructive way. ę Tuxís idyllic life..

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