Getting Things Done (GTD) via Remember the Milk (RtM)

Remember The Milk has all the features required to be a great web-based task manager for Getting Things Done (GTD) but its sheer flexibility means it can be daunting to build a well-oiled GTD machine. In this post Iíll show you how to use RTM Lists, Tags, Smart Lists, and Locations to create a full-blown project and task management system based on David Allenís Getting Things Done.

I have been trying to follow the Getting Things Done method. I read through the book, and found it to be a brilliant system, one that I can follow and will make me much more productive in all facets of my life. I was searching for tools that could allow me to take advantage of the GTD system, but would also be accessible from wherever I might be. Which meant that it had to be online.

I have also been toying with Remember the Milk, the most excellent online ToDo/Task tool. The linked article, written by Doug Ireton, is an in-depth tutorial with step-by-step instructions for setting up RtM for GTD.

via Remember The Milk – Blog.

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