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Netflix 1.3 APK works on some unsupported devices

I think I’ve mentioned before that I am using an HTC Inspire 4g running froyo. My phone is not among the handful of devices officially supported by the Netflix app. That makes one very big problem: the App Market won’t allow me to install the Netflix app since Netflix lists the Inspire as “unsupported.”

However, some ingenious users took a look into the actual .apk for the Netflix app and found out that the app itself no longer checks to see if the device running it is supported or not. The end result: Netflix on unsupported devices!

You need two things to make this work: a phone where you can enable Unknown Sources for software installation, and the actual .apk itself. It took a little bit of work to find the file – many of the websites linked in the article below no longer worked. But once I did track a copy down and installed it, I was watching a movie on Netflix. Excellent!

Note that the article I am linking to is tablet-oriented. 

Your device still not listed alongside the growing list of Netflix-capable phones? [...] folks have discovered that the new Netflix 1.3 .APK actually works

via PSA: Netflix 1.3 APK Could Work on Your Honeycomb Tablet.

When Patents Attack!

Software patents are bad, really bad. It can sometimes be difficult to explain in what way they’re bad, though. And sometime’s it is hard to come up with examples. Fortunately, the folks over at NPR did a great job of dissecting the issue on This American Life. Including interviews with those involved, along with a cute story about how the term “patent trolls” was coined.

When Patents Attack! | This American Life.

Moving away from Kontact

I am a long, long, long term Kontact user. I got hooked on kmail long ago, and moved to Kontact once korg and kabc ended up in the fold. I’ve enjoyed using it since then, and was pretty much hooked. Until recently.

For whatever reason, I’ve been moving more and more to cloud-based email and calendaring. Gmail and Google Calendar have taken over. Being able to pin the tabs in Chrome is what did the trick. Easy access to both apps – easier than bringing another window open – plus the ability to sync with my other computers and – most importantly – my android-based phone did the rest.

Now I can’t help but wonder: what other of my favorite desktop tools are going to be replaced by cloud/web-based alternatives?

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