Trying out Blogilo…

I’ve been looking for a desktop-based WordPress client for a while now. I’ve tried a few, and never found one that suited me. A quick apt-cache search wordpress found Blogilo. I installed it, and am giving it a try.

The first thing I noticed was an issue with publishing. Not good, right? I submitted an article, but it didn’t show up on my blog. I hopped into the admin dashboard, and saw the post listed, but marked as Scheduled. Not just scheduled, but scheduled for a few hours ago. Talk about missing a schedule! And talk about a bad first impression!

It’s been reported, though, that this is only an issue if the server and local desktop are set to different timezones. I am going to test that out and see what happens.

Follow the link if you want to give Blogilo a try.

[Update: Still the same problem. Oh, well, at least I gave it a try...]


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2 Responses to “Trying out Blogilo…”

  • John Choate says:

    Did you ever get blogilo to publish? I never did. The author kept insisting it was a time zone configuration problem even though many people have posted the same issue for a long time. This has happened since the very first version of “Blogilo”, which was a forced re-name of the older client “Bilbo Blogger”. The last version of Bilbo and the first version of Blogilo were identical in look and features, except that Bilbo actually published while Blogilo only scheduled posts. No version of Blogilo has ever successfully published a single post for me.
    Just thought I’d share that. I came across this page while searching for answers to this problem.

  • Biffster says:

    John, I have not been able to get it to post. I finally gave up on it. It’s a great idea, but having to go back into the WP Dashboard and change the post from Scheduled to Posted kinda defeats the purpose.

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