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Humble indie bundle #3. Support Linux developers!

Just bought the Humble Indie Bundle. I love these guys, I love to support charities, and I want to support anyone who makes software for Linux! Sure these games work on Mac and Windows…. but who cares? Can’t wait to fire one of these up on my Linux-Mint laptop. Or my Linux-Mint desktop. Or my work Xubuntu MacBook Pro.

Geek HUZZAH!!!
The Humble Indie Bundle #3 (pay what you want for five awesome indie games)
Pay what you want for some awesome games and help support two charities. All of the games are DRM-free and support Mac, Windows, and Linux.

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Horrid vim colorschemes

I know it isn’t considered polite to question a fellow geek’s choice for customization. But there are times when such things are necessary. I spent an hour or so looking through the various color schemes packaged with vim in Linux-Mint (and I reckon Ubuntu). While there are some good colorschemes, there are some wretched ones, too. The most egregious of which are [shudder]:

How To select fastest mirror in Ubuntu

I know, I shouldn’t be encouraging link baiters like But they do come up with some excellent information every now and then. Including this old chestnut, using Synaptic to pick the best repository mirror for a person. I had no idea how to do this! And it works well. Damned well.

The instructions below are for Hardy, but they work flawlessly for Natty, too.

If you want to select Ubuntu mirror which works fastest for you follow these steps this is very important to any ubuntu user to download and install ubuntu packages fastest way.

via How To select fastest mirror in Ubuntu | Ubuntu Geek.

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