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Pandora from the command line!

Sweet! Nifty little tool to listen to your Pandora stations from the command line. No browser need, no Flash, no browser crashes, no CPU over-load due to Flash, etc. This is all Good Stuff!

?? client

“pianobar” is a free/open-source, console-based replacement for pandora’sflash player.

Manually sort iTunes playlists

So somewhere along the line, my playlists in iTunes started not sorting manually. I could only sort by name or artist or date, but I couldn’t drag’n'drop. Figuring this is something that this was something asinine regarding Apple’s way of doing things, I searched Google to find someone who had figured this out. And, of course, the answer was easy.

iTunes screen shotPer a post on MacWorld’s hints forum, sorting manually is accomplished easily, by simply clicking on the Number column in the playlist window.  As this screenshot shows, there isn’t actually a title for the column; the column just lists the number of the track in the playlist (in this example, 1 is Torero, 2 is No One Is to Blame). Once you select that column, however, you can then drag’n'drop songs in the playlist to the order you want.

Some people might not want or need this functionality, and I don’t need it all of the time. But there are times that I really want to order my playlist. Of course Apple makes this difficult to do, but at least I know now how to set this up in the future.

Howto install amarok 1.4 in Ubuntu Jaunty | Ubuntu Geek

I keep meaning to blog about this post, and keep forgetting. I personally can’t stand Amarok 2.x but loved Amarok 1.4. The link below gives an easy step-by-step procedure to install Amarok 1.4 in newer versions of Ubuntu/LinuxMint. Note: in the list of steps, replace “jaunty” with whatever Ubuntu distro you are using.

Some users are not happy with amarok 2 and they want to install amarok 1.4.This tutorial will help them to install amarok1.4 version.

Howto install amarok 1.4 in Ubuntu Jaunty | Ubuntu Geek

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