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Procmail primer

Procmail can be either a blessing or a curse. Once you get the hang of the syntax and write a few recipes, it can be a major timesaver. But learning the syntax can be a real pain in the ass. Fortunately, there are a few great tutorials on procmail. And has a primer for those new to procmail up right now. It’s a very good introduction to this powerful but confusing tool.

Procmail is a Mail Delivery Agent (MDA), meaning it can be used along with a Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) such as mutt or sendmail to filter messages. Procmail processes all messages before they are delivered to your mailbox. You can have your incoming messages distributed into various folders based on preset criteria such as the subject of a message or the recipient. The use of regular expressions for creating rules and the ability to run multiple rules on messages make procmail a very precise mail filtering program.

Mess with Outlook user’s minds!

This looks like a fun activity: hack email headers to mess with Outlook user’s heads!

Microsoft Outlook uses a rectangular bar above the message header to display information and warnings about the message you’re reading. It may report that you replied on such a date, that an attachment was suppressed, or that line breaks have been removed. Sometimes, though, you might see a very different message—perhaps something like “This message violates the USA PATRIOT Act” or “ERROR: Microsoft Outlook detected. Get a REAL email client!” As it turns out, anybody who can control the custom headers for outgoing e-mail messages can cause such a warning to appear. E-mail server administrators have this level of control, as do spammers, hackers…and you! Here’s how.

I’m not an Outlook fan, and I strongly recommend that other’s use a less-dangerous email client. But this sounds like a lot of fun! :)

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More one-click goodness: GmailThis!

Okay. First there was BlogThis! Then there were single-click bookmarklets to add a page to Now there is GmailThis! – a bookmarklet that allows one-click access to composing via GMail:

GmailThis! is an easy way to make a Gmail email without visiting Once you add the GmailThis! link to your browser’s toolbar, emailing will be a snap. Or rather, a click. Clicking GmailThis! creates a mini-interface to Gmail prepopulated with a link to the web page you are visiting, as well as any text you have highlighted on that page. Add additional text if you wish and then email or save as draft from within GmailThis!

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