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Catch you on Google+

As you may have guessed since I haven’t posted here in a few months, I no longer have time nor energy to continue this blog. I am going to put it into read-only mode for now, and will pull it down eventually.  I will still be writing and posting to Google Plus. You can always find links to me on my profile (

And now, let’s call that a wrap!

- Biffster

Easy tutorial to send email through Gmail with sSMTP

Every now and then I install a fresh install of Linux Mint, I always forget at least one program or utility. And that tends to be an smtp server. I’ve used Postfix in the past, but I find sSMTP to be a lot easier, and less resource intensive.

I use GMail, both for incoming and outgoing email. I can never remember exactly how to configure sSMTP to work with GMail. Fortunately, Mark Sanborn did it for me!

Send Mail with Gmail and sSMTP, via nixtutor.

When Patents Attack!

Software patents are bad, really bad. It can sometimes be difficult to explain in what way they’re bad, though. And sometime’s it is hard to come up with examples. Fortunately, the folks over at NPR did a great job of dissecting the issue on This American Life. Including interviews with those involved, along with a cute story about how the term “patent trolls” was coined.

When Patents Attack! | This American Life.

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