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Moving away from Kontact

I am a long, long, long term Kontact user. I got hooked on kmail long ago, and moved to Kontact once korg and kabc ended up in the fold. I’ve enjoyed using it since then, and was pretty much hooked. Until recently.

For whatever reason, I’ve been moving more and more to cloud-based email and calendaring. Gmail and Google Calendar have taken over. Being able to pin the tabs in Chrome is what did the trick. Easy access to both apps – easier than bringing another window open – plus the ability to sync with my other computers and – most importantly – my android-based phone did the rest.

Now I can’t help but wonder: what other of my favorite desktop tools are going to be replaced by cloud/web-based alternatives?

Easy way to search the Android Market

I can relate exactly to Artem’s introduction on this post. I am constantly searching the Android market from my laptop as I come across interesting tips or mentions of apps. If I were smart, I would leave a tab with the market open all the time. I don’t, though, so I am constantly opening a new tab, going to the market, then searching. I like the idea of any tip that can make this easier for me:

Ever since the Android web Market was launched, I found myself loading the homepage just to make a search approximately 17 million times a day, give or take a few. As you know, the web Market homepage is quite heavy, so loading it just to make a search, especially while tethering on a slow connection, was starting to get kind of annoying.

via Android Police.

Easy Way To Generate QR Codes (Android Police)

In case you didn’t notice, I have added my own QR code on the right. It’s perfect since we’re a tech-based blog. And it is amazingly simple to do, as this post on Android Police points out:

But enough introduction. The tip here today lets you create QR images so mind blowingly fast that you will never have to type a long url into your phone’s browser again [if you're next to your computer].

The premise is simple: Google Charts API is awesome enough to include QR generating capabilities.

via Android Police

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