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Catch you on Google+

As you may have guessed since I haven’t posted here in a few months, I no longer have time nor energy to continue this blog. I am going to put it into read-only mode for now, and will pull it down eventually.  I will still be writing and posting to Google Plus. You can always find links to me on my profile (

And now, let’s call that a wrap!

- Biffster

Got To Do for Android dead?

Got To Do logoHow do you know an app is well-written, stable and useful? When you don’t know for 5 months that the publisher shut things down! I loves me some Got To Do, the wonderful ToDo app for Android which is based on the GTD method. It integrates perfectly with Toodledo, which means that I can keep my todo list synchronized anywhere that has web access, as well as on my phone. It’s a perfect solution for my needs!

I upgraded to version 1.4.1 when it came out in February of this year (2011) and have had no issues. Everything is seamless. It didn’t even occur to me that it had been a while since the app was updated.

I am on the email list for Pure Calendar, since I switch between using it and the Android Agenda Widget. Today (8/17/2011) I got an email on the list about Toodledo integration. The email said that this was a highly requested feature, since Got To Do is no more. My reaction was: Wait now, what?

I went directly to the Got To Do website, of course. And sure enough, there was the project shutdown announcement posted on 3/17/11:

increased workload for the following few years. For this reason, I have had to make the decision to stop developing Got To Do, to concentrate all my efforts and hours on my new role.

Well, I’ll be damned! My absolute favorite To Do app, and a key part of my PIM suite, is gone! What’s a fella to do?

To answer my own question: I’m sticking with Got To Do 1.4.1 until it stops working. After that, I dunno. Maybe there’ll be a native Toodledo app by then. Or AAW will have direct Toodledo integration.

What’s your opinion? What are you going to do?

Trying out Blogilo…

I’ve been looking for a desktop-based WordPress client for a while now. I’ve tried a few, and never found one that suited me. A quick apt-cache search wordpress found Blogilo. I installed it, and am giving it a try.

The first thing I noticed was an issue with publishing. Not good, right? I submitted an article, but it didn’t show up on my blog. I hopped into the admin dashboard, and saw the post listed, but marked as Scheduled. Not just scheduled, but scheduled for a few hours ago. Talk about missing a schedule! And talk about a bad first impression!

It’s been reported, though, that this is only an issue if the server and local desktop are set to different timezones. I am going to test that out and see what happens.

Follow the link if you want to give Blogilo a try.

[Update: Still the same problem. Oh, well, at least I gave it a try...]


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