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Facebook revealing your mobile numbers

(From my post on Google+):

Yeesh. Okay, so I am not one to beleive the numerous “Facebook is stealing your phone numbers!!!” status message memes that get passed on every now and then. Most of them are hoaxes at best, attempts to get you to run malicious apps at worst. I ignore them and never paid those a second thought.

Turns out I should be more cynical about Facebook, too. I mean, I know that Facebook is the privacy equivalent of a sieve. I’ve spent a lot of time setting up my privacy/sharing settings, and have it fairly locked down.

Or so I thought. Turns out there are a lot of settings that I still don’t know about (like an option turned ON by default that pesters all of your non-FB friends every two weeks to join FB). And it turns out that the Facebook phone number stealing thing is actually legit!

I don’t know many times when I’ve been more wrong about anything this important.


Read through this article about the mobile phone number issue on Facebook (via nakedSecurity). Follow the links in that article for links to lock down your account more. And don’t use Facebook for anything – nothing at all! – that you wouldn’t want a complete stranger to know.

Google+ will have me for life if they keep their security settings transparent and easy to figure out. Or, in other words, if they are the anti-Facebook.

- M

Humble indie bundle #3. Support Linux developers!

Just bought the Humble Indie Bundle. I love these guys, I love to support charities, and I want to support anyone who makes software for Linux! Sure these games work on Mac and Windows…. but who cares? Can’t wait to fire one of these up on my Linux-Mint laptop. Or my Linux-Mint desktop. Or my work Xubuntu MacBook Pro.

Geek HUZZAH!!!
The Humble Indie Bundle #3 (pay what you want for five awesome indie games)
Pay what you want for some awesome games and help support two charities. All of the games are DRM-free and support Mac, Windows, and Linux.

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Moving away from Kontact

I am a long, long, long term Kontact user. I got hooked on kmail long ago, and moved to Kontact once korg and kabc ended up in the fold. I’ve enjoyed using it since then, and was pretty much hooked. Until recently.

For whatever reason, I’ve been moving more and more to cloud-based email and calendaring. Gmail and Google Calendar have taken over. Being able to pin the tabs in Chrome is what did the trick. Easy access to both apps – easier than bringing another window open – plus the ability to sync with my other computers and – most importantly – my android-based phone did the rest.

Now I can’t help but wonder: what other of my favorite desktop tools are going to be replaced by cloud/web-based alternatives?

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