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iPhone, TWIG and podcasts at 2x speed

I was listening to TWIG (This Week In Google with Leo Laporte) a couple weeks ago, and the topic of listening to podcasts at high-speed came up. This is something that I had never even considered. According to one of the panelists on that week’s TWIG, a person’s brain can actually absorb more data when the information delivery process is sped up. So I decided to give it a try.

The iPod and iPhone have a simple option to set the speed for podcasts and audiobooks to 2x. The iPod/iPhone has some type of tone enhancer so that the spearker’s voice doesn’t sound like a Chipmunk. I am impressed with how well this works. Any music played on the podcast sounds weird, of course. But otherwise…

After trying this, I decided that I quite like it. I listen to all podcasts at 2x speed now. It has a major pro and con; both are the same thing: I can listen to twice as many podcasts now. The pro is that I can actually listen to all of the podcasts I subscribe to. The con is that I run through all the episodes before the week is done, so I end up with nothing to listen to at the end of the week.

All in all, I recommend trying podcasts at 2x. At the very worst, you can hit a button and go back to normal speed. :)

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Must Have Treo Freeware Applications

First off, via Lifehacker, we have 12 killer apps for a Palm-based PDA:

Your Palm PDA can do a lot more than just contact and calendar management. Stock it with the right software and it can play music, stream RSS feeds, keep you entertained on the road, and even get you where you’re going.

There’s some good stuff on Lifehacker’s list. Some I already have on my Palm T|X (Pocket Tunes Deluxe) and some that I must immediately install (Numberz, Today).

And then we have with a list of must-have Treo freeware apps:

In this article PalmInfocenter highlights some essential must have Treo freeware applications. There is a wealth of free and open source Palm OS software out there. Read on as we take a look at 10 great programs, as well as a few others,

While the list has a few Treo-only programs, most work on other PalmOS devices (including the truly amazing TCPMP media player). Plus, all the apps on Palm Info Center’s list are free!
As soon as I can find time, I’m gonna sync up my T|X and fire up some of these proggies. This should be a lot of fun!

Opera updates Mini™ for Mobile

Opera has released a new version of  Mini™ for Mobile:

Opera Mini™ is a fast and tiny Web browser, that allows you to access the full Internet on your phone. Take all your favorite Web sites on the go with Opera Mini!The new version further improves the browsing experience by enabling download of images, MP3s, etc directly to your phone.

My question continues to be: Why hasn’t Opera released Opera Mobile for PalmOS?  I suppose that Opera Mini is decent enough if you are using a cellphone to surf the net. But for a PDA, Mini sucks. Opera Mobile would be much nicer, but it currently exists only for Windows mobile devices.

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