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When Patents Attack!

Software patents are bad, really bad. It can sometimes be difficult to explain in what way they’re bad, though. And sometime’s it is hard to come up with examples. Fortunately, the folks over at NPR did a great job of dissecting the issue on This American Life. Including interviews with those involved, along with a cute story about how the term “patent trolls” was coined.

When Patents Attack! | This American Life.

iPhone, TWIG and podcasts at 2x speed

I was listening to TWIG (This Week In Google with Leo Laporte) a couple weeks ago, and the topic of listening to podcasts at high-speed came up. This is something that I had never even considered. According to one of the panelists on that week’s TWIG, a person’s brain can actually absorb more data when the information delivery process is sped up. So I decided to give it a try.

The iPod and iPhone have a simple option to set the speed for podcasts and audiobooks to 2x. The iPod/iPhone has some type of tone enhancer so that the spearker’s voice doesn’t sound like a Chipmunk. I am impressed with how well this works. Any music played on the podcast sounds weird, of course. But otherwise…

After trying this, I decided that I quite like it. I listen to all podcasts at 2x speed now. It has a major pro and con; both are the same thing: I can listen to twice as many podcasts now. The pro is that I can actually listen to all of the podcasts I subscribe to. The con is that I run through all the episodes before the week is done, so I end up with nothing to listen to at the end of the week.

All in all, I recommend trying podcasts at 2x. At the very worst, you can hit a button and go back to normal speed. :)

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Album art on iPod via Amarok!

It took friggin’ forever, but Amarok is finally able to transfer album artwork to my beloved iPod Nano! Supposedly, album art support has been in Amarok for a while, but it didn’t work because Amarok couldn’t correctly set the iPod model string.

Well, fortunately, Amarok 1.4.6 has been released. And even more fortunately, it is already in the Ubuntu repositories, at least for Feisty Fawn. One:

aptitude install amarok

..and Amarok 1.4.6 was running on my system. Then, from the Devices tab, clicking iPod -> Update Artwork. A few seconds later, and Amarok said it was done. I said, “Yeah, right,” but disconnected the Nano and pulled it off the dock anyway. I figured, ah, why not give it a quick try. And Huzzah! Artwork! Albums and podcasts.


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