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Testing Zemanta

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I have been writing this blog on WordPress for as long as I can remember. I started on Blogger, of course, but who didn’t? :) I heard of this new service – zemanta – that would allow a blogger to easily find related content around the web, and easily add that to a blog post. Does it work? I’m about to find out…

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Scribefire for Chrome!

So, now, color me stupid, but I did not know Scribefire had an extension for Chrome! It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged regularly, though, and in that time I’ve been getting by using WordPress’s built-in editor. Which is pretty good, mind you, but I really, truly ? Scribefire.

So: YAY!!!

ScribeFire – Google Chrome extension gallery

Grooveshark plugin for WordPress

Whoa, this is AWESOME: there is a Grooveshark plugin for WordPress! It makes it super-easy to add a song to a wordpress post. You can choose to add just a link to the song, or an embedded Flash player to play the song.

Lemme say again: AWESOME!

Made to make music easy to add to any post, Grooveshark for WordPress takes the trouble out of mixing music with your blog. Just install, then enjoy instant access to literally millions of tunes you can use to make your blog posts even cooler.

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Update 5/14/2011: the plugin breaks weird things in the visual editor – including the ability to edit photo preferences. It was a big enough distraction that I have since uninstalled.

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