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Gmail G+ Shortcuts

I’ve found myself using the Gmail web interface more and more lately. So this page with a reference for gmail keyboard shortcuts made me smile. :)

Its not hard to navigate through Gmail with your mouse, but your keyboard is so much faster. Googles created plenty of keyboard shortcuts that start with G that will transport you practically anywhere in your mailbox.

via Swiftly Navigate Through Gmail with These G+ Shortcuts – Lifehacker.

Easy way to search the Android Market

I can relate exactly to Artem’s introduction on this post. I am constantly searching the Android market from my laptop as I come across interesting tips or mentions of apps. If I were smart, I would leave a tab with the market open all the time. I don’t, though, so I am constantly opening a new tab, going to the market, then searching. I like the idea of any tip that can make this easier for me:

Ever since the Android web Market was launched, I found myself loading the homepage just to make a search approximately 17 million times a day, give or take a few. As you know, the web Market homepage is quite heavy, so loading it just to make a search, especially while tethering on a slow connection, was starting to get kind of annoying.

via Android Police.

Easy Way To Generate QR Codes (Android Police)

In case you didn’t notice, I have added my own QR code on the right. It’s perfect since we’re a tech-based blog. And it is amazingly simple to do, as this post on Android Police points out:

But enough introduction. The tip here today lets you create QR images so mind blowingly fast that you will never have to type a long url into your phone’s browser again [if you're next to your computer].

The premise is simple: Google Charts API is awesome enough to include QR generating capabilities.

via Android Police

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